The Neverland Tea Debacle

February 9, 2019



Ah Neverland! Adventurous paradise for the young at heart. Although I could not physically fly there today (due to the fact that I’m out of Pixie Dust), I did manage to get to Neverland Tea. 


Le sigh! I love this place. I used to go all the time before I lived in the actual city of Vancouver, but now that I do, I hardly ever go. WHY? I have no excuse what-so-ever! But don’t you worry because today, on this day of pure Joy, my mother and I found ourselves there. 


Now the food was easy enough to chose due to the fact that I have a million and twelve things I cannot eat at the moment. 


The tea on the other hand was a bit more difficult. You see, if you’ve never been, there are a great many teas, and a large number of them are named after Peter Pan characters. 


Peter of course wanted me to chose his (Peter’s promise), and although that sounded lovely, I do know that Peter cannot be relied upon to keep his promises. Even if he promises he will. This is not out of spite, he simply forgets them immediately after saying them. So you see, one cannot do something in which they don’t remember, unless by accident. 


Tinker bell was also quite insistent, and I remember loving hers for a while. That is until she started pulling out my hair the last time I spoke to Peter. 


Then there was Captain hooks tea, and Smee’s, as well as the crocodile. It was all getting to be rather loud and confusing, when suddenly, amidst the commotion, Tigerlily stepped forward and without a word, gave me her tea. 


And so it was decided that her tea was the winner. I’m so very glad it was for it was called Tiger lily Jasmine tea and it was delightful. 



That is the summary of my events at Neverland, and I do hope to be going back soon.













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