My new obsession with paper!

January 29, 2019



Alright! This is it guys! I’m going to do blog posts more often, and I’m getting pretty excited about it because who doesn’t want to endlessly type for hours about any little thing on their mind..... eh ehhhh? 


Kidding, they should be short-ish.... maybe.


ANYWAY! Moving forward. A couple days ago I purchased for my very own self, a - CRICUT! 

No not a cricket, a fancy-dancy CRICUT EXPLORE AIR 2 CUTTING MACHINEEEEEE! (imagine choir angels singing now)



Let me tell you folks, I was not prepared for the amount of things this baby can do. But the point of this is not to sell one of these to you, it's to show you my behind the scenes process etccc.


So lets go back, allllll the way back to last Tuesday (basically a week ago), where I picked up a book from the library on paper. It’s called I love paper by Fideli Sundqvist.



Now this book is pretty freaking adorable if you ask me. Whole scenes are made from paper, which... lets be honest, is a ton of work, and I wont be doing that, however, it had a page on making paper daisies.



So I says to myself, "Ramona, those are some pretty swanky looking daisies.. you should make them." Then I replied to myself, “Oh Ramona, what a genius you are! For I would just love to create that very thing! My soul yearns for it!” And thus the very next day I createdddd this-



Now it wasn’t perfect at first, I put the middle cut of the flower in the wrong spot so the middle bit was way lopsided, and it looked nothing like it did in the picture.


However, with a bit of patience it got better and I started getting this sort of proud obsessive feeling about paper. My mind started thinking, hey..... I could make a million thousand billion of these flowers and stick them all over my roooooommm!



That very night actually, I came across this ‘Cricut’ machine online and my mind was flooded with excitement. A few days of humming and hawing later, and I bought one, GAH! (Yes it was a large purchase) but this is what Ive made so far-



Next on my list, is to make some paper dolls out of this fancy knight! 



(Let me know if you think he would be the coolest of paper dolls, or if you have any blog post suggestions!)




P.s. My paper obsession actually started about a month before this when I I started making simple origami- 


P.p.s. A Cricut is a cutting machine. Think of it as a printer, but instead of printing, it cuts. 





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