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August 4, 2017

I love to watch movies about creative people. For example, Beatrix Potter, Saving Mr. Banks and Finding Neverland. 



I find getting that glimps in to their lives gets me very inspired to create myself. 


So this morning I decided to watch Finding Neverland. Ugh the feels! This movie effects me more then any other. Not only is it exciting to see where his ideas came from, but the amount of times this movie rips at your heartstrings... it kills me. 


I've also started reading a book called The Real Peter Pan by Piers Dungeon. And wow it's amazing. Not only does it talk about his life, but there is a lot of additional writing bits and explanations of how he got his own inspiration. I highly recommend the book! 



Watching and reading things like this make me want to carry my journal around everywhere, recording bits of dialogue and any little idea I have. Right now I tend to doodle most things but I think I'm going to add more writing bits! 



One time when I was at Starbucks I heard a man say, I'd like a large dragon in a tall cup. That sounds like a story idea right there. 



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