The Inspiration Project: In to the Forest I Go

July 20, 2017



There is a whole world at the bottom of my hill and I didn't even know it. 

So for my first inspiration project assignment, I chose to go down the hill and take a walk in the woods. Immediately upon entering it felt like coming home. I guess it had been a while since I took a walk amid the great towering trees and blooming flowers. Alone at least. 



There is something so different about taking a walk by yourself. You aren't distracted by trying to come up with a topic, or keeping up with your friends. Its just you and the forest. You and your imagination as the ideas creep in and worlds unfold. 

I put on my music. Mostly Peter Pan soundtrack stuff. The 2003 version. Then I imagined walking with my characters. Visiting them in their home and allowing them to meet other characters. Peter Pan for instance. 




Enjoying the forest, I heard a noise and glanced upwards. It was a very familiar noise to be sure. One of a cocky boy crowing not so far away. 

"Hello Peter!" I called out, grinning to myself at the excitement of his arrival. Almost immediately a figure appeared to my side, arms crossed behind his head as he lazily glided through the air. 

"Where'ya been Red?" He asked, and I sighed. 

"It's been a while hasn't it?"

"Yeah huh."

"I know. I don't know why its been so long since my last visit honestly. I guess... grown up things have pulled me away." 

"Grown up things?!" Peter replied, scrunching up his face and looking repulsed. 

I chuckled. How so like Peter, but I didn't get to respond for a great many noises yanked at my attention. 

There was crunching of twigs and voices hissing things like, get off my tail! and, stop shovin'. Then a silence before, OWW! Then laughter until the whole lot of them fell on to the path. The lost boys.

"Peter!" Tootles called out, his face plastered to the earth. 

Slightly pushed past them all, brushing himself off haughtily and sticking his nose so far in the air I thought he might break his neck. "I tried to be quiet of course but you know how it is with these common folk." 

Oh slightly, he always was my favourite. 

Peter laughed then stood on Slightly's head, much to his embarrassment. "Alright men! Shut your yaps! Look who I foun-" But Peter paused then, noticing a strange sort of animal standing off to the side. "What's that?"

He was speaking of course about Dear Reginald P. Worthington, my very proper weasel. 

"I am not a that, I am a weasel." Reginald replied, stepping out from behind me, and trying very hard to look brave. "Reginald P. Worth-"

"Look at those funny things on your face!" Peter yelled before diving towards him arms outstretched.

Reginald, shocked, backed away quickly, and ducked down. "These are my glasses sir! I would suggest you ask about them instead of just stealing! That is hardly the proper thing to d-"

"Sir?! I'm no Sir!" Peter yelled, crossing his arms and pouting. But a smile quickly returned, and he grabbed the glasses, sticking them on his face. "You are a sir! Hahah! Look boys, I'm a sir! hahaha!"

The lost boys nearly fell over laughing, and I do admit that I too suppressed a giggle, for he did look rather silly walking about like that. His face contorted to that of a grumpy gentleman, and his arm held behind his back. 

Reginald however, didn't find it funny in the slightest. It is quite hard for an animal, especially an animal with fur to turn red, but he was about as close as you could get. His hands were squeezed in to tiny fists, and his fur stood on end. "The- the nerve of you!" He exploded, walking forwards. "You are a delinquent! Nothing but a no good downright dishonorable boy who-"

As he continued the smile on Peters face grew and grew until there was nowhere left for his smile to spread. "You hear that boys? I'm a delinquent!" And a great cheer broke out from the boys. 



That is just a little snippet of my adventures. I also played pooh sticks with Winnie the Pooh, met some very cryptic puppets and played hide and seek with the fairies. I'll definately be back soon to check on my friends. 

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